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Will Blockchain Change Your Career?

5 Real (And 100 Percent Legal) Cannabis Jobs

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How to Beat Clutter, Productivity's Worst Enemy

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You're Late, You're Late...You're Fired

Should You Brush Your Teeth at Work?

5 Things Kanye Can Teach Us About Confidence 

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Browse my full author archive.

How to Make Your Visual Designer Portfolio Stand Out

Marketing and Virtual Reality: 4 Exciting Trends

7 Professional Marketing Conferences You Should Attend

Your Personal Elevator Pitch. How to Write One and Why You Need One.

What Does a UX Designer Do? The Mysteries of User Experience Design Revealed.

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Freelance writing for City of Chicago Office of Tourism website, (now 2011/2012

  • 4 Things You Might Not Know About Hostelling [Archive PDF]
  • The Art of Crafting a Great Cocktail in Chicago [PDF]
  • Discover How Chicago’s Neighborhoods Inspired Two Designers
  • Get a Head Start on St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!
  • Where To Find Chicago's Craft Brewed Beers [PDF]
  • 5 Places To Drop The Kids Off...Just In Time For Valentine's Day! [PDF]
  • Table For Two and a Half, Please [PDF]
  • Snow Days Chicago Presents Free Fun for the Whole Family
  • Choose Your Own Culinary Adventure at Two Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • That's Weird, Grandma Brings Kids' Words To Life
  • Plan Your Perfect Valentine's Day Date, Part 2: Jewelry
  • Plan Your Perfect Valentine's Day Date, Part 1: Romantic Dining
  • Q&A with Lise Watson on Sharks at the Shedd 
    [Also chosen for republishing on The Real Chicago Spring 2012. PDF copy.]
  • Ring in the New Year with 5 Creative Resolutions
  • New Year’s Eve in Chicago on a Budget
  • Head to Navy Pier for Family Friendly Fun this New Year’s Eve!
  • Santa Claus Flies into Winter Wonderland at John Hancock Observatory
    (Interview with Santa Claus)
  • Keep Your Kids and Teens Entertained With Foodie Fun [PDF]
  • Chicago Comfort Foods Warm You Up This Winter [PDF]
  • Explore Chicago’s Winter Recreation Activities
  • A Tree’s Eye View of The Museum of Science and Industry’s Holiday Exhibits
    (Interview with a Christmas tree)
  • A Q&A with Humphry Snowgart, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Resident Snowman
  • Enjoy Seasonal Beverages From Around the World Without Leaving Chicago
    [Also chosen for republishing on The Real Chicago Winter 2011. PDF copy.] neighborhood features:

  • 5 Things to Do in…Garfield Ridge, Clearing [PDF]
  • 5 Things to Do in…West Ridge! 
  • 5 Things to Do…in Jackson Park! [PDF]
  • 6 Things to Do…in Portage Park! [PDF]
  • 5 Things to Do in…Back of the Yards!
  • 5 Things to Do in…Lincoln Park! [PDF]


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Swedish Covenant Hospital "Well Community" website

Coudal Partners "Field-Tested Books" series